tanekeya word


art, literature + culture editor



hybrid chic + illmatic intellectual.

tanekeya word is something like a hybrid chic: she creates, writes scholarly research, conducts uncanny arts + culture interviews, and collaborates with ingenious creatives--all while painting herself into art history.

tanekeya holds a b.a. in english with an afro american studies minor from howard university and a m.a. in arts management from american university in washington, dc. currently, she spends her spare time: time traveling, reading, writing, creating, influencing and exploring her hometown of milwaukee, wi: where she currently resides after 11 years of roaming the nation's capital and a stint in nyc.

"V autumn/winter MMXIII obsessions: analogue chic in a digital world"

I. clouds + cosmos/aviation

a visual of my current state of mind--in the clouds + cosmos--has lead to a new painting series that i'll explore this season. 

II. hand-lettering duos/type foundries


seriously, titlecase and maricor/maricar are power duos gone rogue in the lettering world. switching effortlessly between graphic digital type + illustrative or tactile type is nothing shy of super powers. 


III. paper dolls/the black paper doll project    


          for those girls, who may now be women, who dreamt of cool paper dolls that looked like them.

      IV. neons + pastels/hologram

i think i've found my favorite color scheme, part classic, part futuristic--painting this last quarter is going to be oh so delicious!


V.  comics/digital apps

i'm a kidult behind all of the workaholic seriousness; put me next to a comic book store or in the vicinity of lego land and i will race a child to the front door--and win! ios7 and the app store are the adult version of playtime--work hard, play harder--that's my 30's mantra. oh yeah, being able to find your favorite magazine in the app store in  late october to early november is a plus too right? yeah, i will be ecstatic as soon as i download volume II of neonV in the app store. #downloadingdreamsintoreality

"tanekeya" profile photo credit: selfie

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