tanekeya word

editor●in●chief + creative director

art, literature + culture editor



hybrid chic + illmatic intellectual.

tanekeya word is something like a hybrid chic: she's made of intergalactic afro dust. finds art, literature + culture sumptuous. writes uncanny art + culture interviews, + personal letters to contemporary women. a devotee of interior decor/design + printed matter, you'll occasionally find her in a well-designed space, utterly consumed by her alarmingly growing collection of indie magazines. she's a lowercase lover + obviously, a connoisseur of fragmented sentences with abrupt stops, indicated by her excessive use of periods.

tanekeya holds a b.a. in english, with an afro american studies minor from howard university and a m.a. in arts management from american university in washington, dc. currently, she spends her spare time: time traveling, reading, writing, creating, influencing and exploring her hometown of milwaukee, wi where she currently resides, after 11 years of roaming the nation's capital and a stint in nyc.

"I: V spring/summer MMXIV obsessions: investments"


I. personal letters

my year as a 30 year old, contemporary woman, has been quite reflective. on july 24th, i will enter into my 31st chapter of life, and getting to my most authentic self is a journey worth investing in. so, "letters to a contemporary woman," is like the adult, dear diary version of a black, creative, judy blume.

II. mid-century modern furniture


nothing else will do for investment furniture. i am scavenging estate sales, thrift stores, boutique savage dealerships, and stalking the elderly--just to feed my mid-century modern addiction. listen, we all have our vices and will do just about anything to fulfill them. at this moment, all mine are legal and moral. unless you count that one day, i'll tell you about the $24.99 steal later: a flexsteel 81" , three seater sofa, six legs and four are adorned with authentic brass castors...it is being reupholstered this fall, once i commit to a color scheme! let's just say contrast piping is involved.



III. printed matter   


my love for printed matter, outside of books, started with suede magazine and catapulted to many magazines. investing in the sustainabilty of publishing companies is a must! i figured i should start reviewing my collection, just to archive it + put a few people on to some printed matter gold.

      IV. collecting art

life from dark soilmichelle robinson © 2013

herd, rajni perera © 2014

i am grateful to have collectors as a visual artist, so i collect. if you love something enough, you must invest in the field so that it stays around a long time. i have supported visual artists, as a patron, for seven years, since i was 23 years old. here are two of the pieces that i collected this year. more work will be acquired before the end of the summer!


V.  black hair

cumulus [detailed-close up], tanekeya word © 2014

because black hair is magic + documenting how we wear our hair is sure to acknowledge that we are/were here adding to culture. 

"tanekeya" profile photo credit: the lil' cousin.

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