michelle german

health + beauty director



glam gangsta.

michelle german is a washington, dc based freelance makeup artist with over five years of professional experience in the health and beauty industries. the self-proclaimed “chic geek,” earned a b.s. in biology from the university of south carolina, a b.s. in physician assistant studies from howard university and is a self-taught artist. 

her science background and innate artistry yields an open book of creativity. michelle has an impeccable eye for enhancing ones intrinsic beauty: she believes makeup is art and your face is a blank canvas.

"V autumn/winter MMXIII obsessions: edges snatched, room slayed"

I. calling all the...

 eat, beat, and slay are life lessons every girl should live by. can you commit? if not, lohanthany calls out the basic ones.

II. ponytails 

a slick edged, high ponytail is needed in my life. tamar braxton shows you how it's done and snatches everyone's edges.

III. lemonmade macaroons


have you ever tasted a little slice of heaven? neither have i, but i think lemonmade macaroons comes very close. the brand has a dedicant array of flavors; it was my first macaroon experience and quite frankly i’m upset it has taken this long. needless to say…i’m addicted.


IV. vanity VI

“blush, eyeliner, hush, see what you made me do?” 

V. fringes



cool temps = new coats, and on my wish list is this lovely fringe number from tim ryan. shake ya shimmy?… why yes, i will!


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