neonV, founded by the neonV collective: tanekeya word (I), *stephanie n. mills [contributed to neonV special collector's editions: vol. I + vol. II as the now defunct "awakenings editor," lifestyles editor + as the editor-in-chief] (II), carmela wingfield (III), michelle german (IV) and kimee brown (V), was organically created through a friendship of V creative women interested in contributing their talents across the globe while curating a print and web platform to exhibit emerging creatives. just as neon is rare on earth, so are their individual styles, personalities, and uncanny voices. like the Vth most abundant chemical element in the universe by mass—neon—the eponymous neonV collective possess an array of bold energy. they are the new one in media: bridging tradition and innovation in a global market.


“live in neon.”